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Ask a question, post a reviewor report the script. You don't even have to block anything! Multicursor Now you've got bots! Devs, the settings are in the object named a Quite a few bugs I probably left in! Yeah you heard me right All button clicking! On just a bare few levels you CAN get disconnected. Kinda fast I guess? Deployable and Retreivable Bots! Now you can leave them behind Anti-Disconnection! So now you won't get disconnected when you go AFK!

Be careful though A working level counter! Now you know exactly which level you're really on. Spam Clicking! Get through that annoying clicks level easily Shows all Cursor IDs! Now you know where your friend is Easy to reconnect! Copy this entire script. For convenience, there's a little copy-box at the bottom of the page.

Discord Cursors

Step 2. Step 3. On the same tab that you just opened inspect element on, keep the tab open and go to cursors.January - last edited January General Summarize your bug Can't see mouse cursor. Disappears and can't see what I'm trying to click on. How often does the bug occur? Heroes vs. Villains What is your time zone? Elephino What happens when the bug occurs? The mouse cursor disappears and you can't see what you are clicking on What do you expect to see?

Well hopefully the mouse cursor. Mouse cursor disappears in menus or character selection screens. Ever since the Dooku update. Can't see what I'm trying to click on. If I minimize the game and bring back up the cursor will reappear temporarily until the next time I need to choose something from a menu, then it's invisible again.

discord mouse cursor

Go to Solution. January Then restart your computer and reinstall the game via origin. View in thread. We see this issue a lot of times and the reason this is happening is most often that Discord is trying to run its overlay on the game, preventing your mouse from being visible. I did a repair and it didn't seem to help at first. I also had a couple origin services disabled in startup. So I re-enabled those before restarting computer.

I can't decide whether it was the game repair or the services that I had disabled and reenabled, but it looks like the mouse cursor is showing up again!

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Glad you checked back. July Oh my. What a response. Instead of admitting you assumed wrong you blame the person who asked for not having Discord and your next suggestion is to repair or re-install the game?!?!

I think you're reading too much into that.

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He is just saying that if his problem were being caused by discord, it would be an easier fix because flipping a single switch in the settings is arguably much easier than repairing a game and clearing its cache. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ! Take Survey No, Thanks. Sign In or Register. See details Show less.

Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for.Edit: Arenanet staff I'm editing collated information into this post for easy access. This thread was originally titled "Action Camera Graphical Issue" but it has become apparent the issue is with the Mouse cursor and is not exclusive to using action camera. The issue: -The mouse cursor will be showing on screen when mouse2 is held to turn the camera.

AND -The mouse cursor will be showing when action camera is on. Unnaffected Functions: -Action camera will still function as intended, targets are based off the crosshair-dot, including ground target AoE's. Basically all functions are the same, the only change is the mouse cursor showing when it should be invisible.

I can't post a screenshot of this as the mouse cursor blinks away when I use Print Screen, which is the only time this happens during the bug. Reasonably ruled out the cause being overlays by testing to reproduce this issue with ArcDPS uninstalled and installed, also for TaCo. Another bug post made relating to the mouse being visible during camera rotation Holding down mouse 2 :. So questions for the community: 1 Do you experience this issue and how long have you been experiencing it for?

Been having this issue myself on almost a daily basis since the balance patch update. Full client restart seems to be the only thing that fixes it sometimes, which is a pain in the backside when it happens in WvW. I have a theory that it may be due to an overlay and the only one I'm currently using regularly is arcdps, so I've tried reinstalling arcdps and if that fails I will remove it altogether to see if this changes.

Edit: I tabbed back to the game after writing this and the issue had occurred.

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Uninstalling arcdps now. I met another player who uses action cam but doesn't use any overlays and they haven't experienced this issue which made me think about this possible fix. I don't use Arc and it happens whether or not I have TacO running, alt-tabbing has never fixed the problem for me either; it's had to be a full client restart every time. Yeah it just happened again to me with arcdps uninstalled. I'll mess about a bit and see if I can get it to go away without restarting.


Thank you Bellatrixa for your responses. Edit: Although, judging by that persons post it looks to be a client wide issue and is not related to action camera at all. I never had the issue you described here. I use arcdps.Equestria's lord of chaos is here, utilizing his litany of powers to make your desktop all the more entertaining. Tags : Character Girly TV series. Apologies, I would respond if I knew the language, or could, at the very least, find a sensible translator to convert the messages with.

Find out how Vista icons differ from XP icons. Cursor Set - Discord. Home Gallery Cursors Discord. Discord Cursors. Published on December 25th by Sullindir. No reviews yet.

Log-in to add your review. Download Discord -Normal Select. Discord -Help Select. Discord -Working in Background. Discord -Busy. Discord -Precision Select. Discord -Text Select. Discord -Handwriting.

Discord -Unavailable. Discord -Vertical. Discord -Horizontal. Discord -Diagonal Discord -Move. Discord -Alternate Select. Discord -Link Select. Twilight Sparkle Cursors by Sullindir Here is our main character and arcane prodigy, here utilizing her mag I waited on her until Rarity Cursors by Sullindir Perhaps the most glamorous of the cursor sets that I have done, this Sullindir registered user on January 14th Anonymous on January 14th Sullindir registered user on January 16th Anonymous on January 27th Sullindir registered user on January 29th Signed comments carry more weight!

Don't be a stranger - log-in or register. It only takes few seconds. Cursor sets Cursor junkyard Using cursors Cursor on your web Upload cursor. Graphics archives links.If you are looking for the best Discord audio recording software, then you are at the right place! For this article, I have selected 10 highly useful software programs that will make it easy for you to record Discord audio both on PC and phone. Below are the top 10 programs which can be used to record Discord audio.

All of these are very easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge to get the work done. It is a powerful tool for screen recording, offering high-quality audio recording and streaming.

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Although it can be used to record both, audio and video. So if you are an avid gamer and needs to record audio calls from any of the communicating parties then this software offers you a solution. You can also drag the corners to make sure that the customized area is selected in this regard.

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Step 6: Head over to the media bin and you can listen to the session that has been recorded and can also verify if everything is OK. You are facilitated with the ease of availability of this software since it is open source and most importantly, free of cost. But, on the contrary, it only facilitates the users with the single audio-in recording system.

That means only the audio from one side can be recorded at a time. Step 2: Set the microphone to default and click the record button that is the big red one in the center. Step 3: You can then see the audio tracks of the Audacity that have started recording your Discord. This software will provide you an easy and user interface friendly interaction platform for gamers.

People belonging to the same interests now have software perfect for their communication. The text to speech conversion facilities the transformation of any chat into audio. Therefore, if one sends a message in a written form while you are playing, then this software allows you to read out the chat. Therefore, this facilitates a user to not care about what a person on the other side is sending. It lets you listen to the conversation without distracting you from your game.

Step 4: By selecting the " Advanced " option you can make sure that the multiple tracks are recorded at the same time but in Discord, it is not required:. Now when the Discord is launched the OBS will auto-capture the audio which can then be extracted with ease. This software also allows a user to communicate with other peers involved with you in the gaming world.

It is a communication that not only offers low latency communication among the peers, but also allows secure communication at both ends. It is compatible on the desktop platforms like Windows and Mac OS. Moreover, it also facilitates its usability on phones as well.

You can record your audio from any audio source and can save accordingly with one of the many formats that it offers. Step 3: Click the " Format " button to change the audio settings as described in the picture:. Step 4: Once the red " Start " button is pressed the program will start recording that is to be integrated into Discord.

It is one of the most used programs that is highly in demand in contrast to Discord audio recording. Step 1: Once the program is started, select the default recording device as a primary sound device:. Set the Speakers as the default device as well.

Step 4: Now whenever the Discord is run on your system you will get to know the recording sound by the fluctuating bar. It is one of the programs that have the best interface. The integrated GUI makes it possible for the users to overcome the problems which the other programs present.

discord mouse cursor

With the best and the most advanced controls, it makes the process very easy. The program has only one step that needs to be followed to get the work done. If you are looking for a program that provides the full value for the money spent then it is the one that you should be using. It is all because of the interface that has been embedded and the speed that is incredible. The button will be highlighted in green if the audio capture is on.February However, my cursor is always on the screen.

I play with the game on my primary monitor in full screen mode. Go to Solution. February - last edited February Right click Apex Legends in your library and go to game properties after that disable "origin in game". According to someone in the Discord the overlays don't mesh well together. View in thread. When I entered the training area after installing and running the game, my cursor automatically moved to aim at my feet.

After exiting and re-entering the training area, my cursor is locked on to the center of the screen.

discord mouse cursor

I have tried windowed mode, borderless windowed mode, fullscreen mode, and repairing game files. Nothing works. Yesterday i could play the game flawlessly i don't know why it does like this just now.

And i don't know how to fix this. This worked for me as well but I all my origin friends show as offline in game and I have to play with Randos.

discord mouse cursor

This is super stupid. Have you found a fix for this yet? Mine only started doing this today after playing all day yesterday. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ! Take Survey No, Thanks. Sign In or Register. See details Show less. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Do you mean. Zombies Heroes Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Other Plants vs.

Discord Cursors

Zombies Games Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 1 Plants vs. Zombies 2 Other Plants vs. Mouse Cursor On Screen. Any help would be appreciated. Me too. Message 1 of 30Views. Reply August Me too. Saw this problem in the general discussion part of these forums so it was a quick fix when it happened to me.

Mouse Cursor Showing when it should be hidden - Discord Related?

Has to do with the new overlay update from Discord. Good catch. I had this problem multiple times until I turned off the discord overlay, and now it works. General Summarize your bug When I have Discord open and launch the game I have no keyboard or mouse control. I can only alt tab to close the game. It has happened since Discord updated a couple of days ago. No other keyboard functions will work and the mouse cursor is gone. Heyticklebuddy How often does the bug occur? Galactic Assault What is your time zone?

What happens when the bug occurs? When I have Discord open and launch the game I have no keyboard or mouse control. What do you expect to see? Nothing at all.

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Just a general awareness that this is a bug of Discord's making, not this game's developers for once. General awareness of a problem that many are experiencing.

The solution or workaround until Discord gets a new update fixing this is to close Discord, launch the game, then re-open Discord. I've talked to several others who are experiencing this and this seems the general consensus. August - last edited August I think it is something discord does, unfortunately. It is in overlay of discord. Also, when trying to play the game I get an error code "" and it says it can't find a game for me. If so then Discord's overlay could be the problem.

Close Discord, launch your game, then launch Discord and it should clear up the problem.


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Discord mouse cursor
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